iLearningUK is up for an award!

Each year, the Association of Learning Technology gives awards to individuals and teams in the field of Learning Technology in recognition of their practice. Applicants go through a process of application, shortlisting, interview and finally the award ceremony, before the overall winner is announced.

In addition to the panel’s choice, there is a “peoples choice award” where the public can vote for their favourite candidate.

It is a privilege and an honour to have been recognised for the work I have done in using Minecraft in Education.

HullCraft was my first Educational project since joining the University of Hull. Since then I have  run the first ever Minecraft MOOC for Educators, worked on projects in History, Archeology, Chemistry and Logistics, and help set up and run a Minecraft club in a local primary school.

Quite a year!

Thanks to the Archives team as the History Centre, especially Simon Wilson @HullHistoryNews, for having the faith in me to see how Minecraft could expand on the good work he was already doing.

Thanks to the #ImmersiveCommunity, Stephen Reid @immersiveminds who leads the best Minecraft Educational team.

Thanks to the University of Hull, in particular, Chris Turnock @christurnock, who has supported me with the innovative use of technology and game-based learning approaches here at the University and to Dr Mark Lorch @Sci_ents, who brought new angles to Chemistry with his Minecraft ideas and enthusiasm.

Thanks to all the players on the servers that I run and the maps that I make. You are the reason that I do all of this. You are part of this journey.

And finally, the biggest thanks goes to my wonderful wife, who has supported me, listened to me wittering on about ‘server issues’, and been there for me in pursuit of my goals. I could not have done this without you.


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