Ok so here’s the deal. Sea of Thieves (SoT) needs, no, must be played with headsets and mics for maximum fun. It’s super funny hearing everyone chatter and even better when you board an enemy ship and hear proximity chat of the enemy pirates!!
There are quiet moments to appreciate a sunset, view or have a dance! I crewed with a group of n00bs to SoT last night which was fun in itself. We enjoyed exploring islands, Shot sharks with sniper musket, fired myself out of canons, dived deep to ship wrecks and salvaged chests (whilst avoiding above :shark:) We sunk ships, got rammed and boarded ourselves and fought our way to safety. We sailed and sunk in equal measure… all of it much FUN!!
No ship “rebuy costs”, no grinding, no dull, always something to do.
Trim a sail, lookout for ships, hunt skeleton fortresses, navigate islands, and of course, dig for treasure.
This weekend it was the open Beta and we got a taste of more. More missions, more characters, more islands. more FUN! Merchant missions were available to buy which are trade missions. “Go source a crate of chickens.” By fair means or fowl (you see what I did there!?). Go hunt for them on outposts or islands or plunder them from others. Up to you, but deliver the goods you must!
Time to watch the sun go down on another great beach
The game is beautiful and has atmosphere and character. My recommendation is to download the open BETA now and have a play before release day on the 20th! Better still, purchase NOW!
To which the only answer is
“Aye Aye Captain!”
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