The question I have chosen to explore for this weeks ‘If you only do one thing…’ task is:

“Are you leaning towards one approach in particular on ocTEL, and if so why might that be? Perhaps you are employing strategies from more than one approach?”

Ok, so for ocTEL, I have chosen to blog, and my ramblings are here, Tweet via @iLearningUK and occasionally post in forums on the ocTEL site. However, the real learning is taking place in our office where by the 4 of us who are on ocTEL are discussing the ideas, concepts and questions that are presented to us.

I also know that I am reflecting on what I have been looking at on ocTEL via Flipboard, RSS feeds and websites that I come across.

Looking at the work of Marton, F., Hounsell, D. and Entwistle, N., (eds.) The Experience of Learning: Implications for teaching and studying in higher education. 3rd (Internet) edition. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh. I can see that I have a Deep Approach to my overall aims for the ocTEL course. I wish to understand ideas for myself and develop a deeper level of knowledge in ideas and concepts with which I am already familiar. I am finding myself exploring concepts presented to me in more depth and trying to link ideas together and to my own practice.

The surface approach for me is clearly visible with my desire for ‘badge hunting’. I am concerned with getting the badges and completing the course with a full set. This is motivating for me as someone who is used to getting online achievements in my gaming experiences. Whilst this may only be surface information, it is hugely motivating and rewarding every time you collect a new badge. If more courses were rewarded with instant gratification and actual accreditation of the learning through badges, it would be more incentive to do the next module creating hunger and desire to achieve.

I suppose this desire to achieve then links to the third level of involvement, the ‘strategic approach’. I am finding the time to pick up the work from last week, and go over the requirements carefully to meet the necessary standard. I missed all of last week apart from the webinar due to other commitments, however, the strategic approach is driving me to review what I have missed and ensure I have completed any areas that I have missed before I get too behind.

So overall, I am applying all three approaches to learning at different stages of the course with different reasons.

I think that most learners will touch on each strategy throughout a course rather than remaining exclusively in one or another.


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