I have been a FlipBoard https://flipboard.com/ user for a few years now and had kind of forgotten that it is a great content aggregator. I am working on various projects such as e-Assessment and simply typed this topic in to the search menu on Flipboard and let it do the rest. It aggregates Twitter posts, blog posts and images from all over (the internet?) and gathers them together in a single ‘magazine’ to which I can then subscribe.

Great for getting content on unusual topics. I will wait to see how often the content updates and will reflect back on its support for my research.

BTW, I have my own magazine on Flipboard of all the educational content I find that interests me and I post it in my iLearningUK magazine… Go on.. go ahead and subscribe! Its free and might help you on your journey.

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One Response to #ocTEL using Flipboard to build a magazine of interest

  1. damon_tokyo says:

    Hi Joel

    I took your advice and subscribed.

    I’m on the #ocTEL course like you and came across your site. I’m interested in using Flipboard as a professional development tool for faculty in the program I help manage. 80 teachers of English as a foreign language in Japan. Do you think it could be a useful tool to share interesting content? I’m completely new to Flipboard, so I don’t know much about it. Is there a way for subscribers to suggest content? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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