Right about to take test 2.


Ok.. Done that

Online Learning Readiness Assessment

You scored above 45!

You are ready for online learning!

And apparently I am ready for learning online at San Diego too! Yay!

Again, reflections in the comments to this post.



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One Response to #ocTEL Explorer badge Activity 1.5 – Test 2

  1. Joel Mills says:

    Well, this test still relied on my own perceptions of being “Computer literate” and does not give me any framework for justifying that statement. I have no Idea if my frame of reference for being computer literate is the same my colleague, peer or students. This type of test does not give a true reflection of competency and instead relies on self-judgement to provide justification for the grade.

    I would like task based assessment to measure judge competency. Proper interactive tools can help measure this interactivity and if it is well done, it can really measure success.

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