For this activity, I have chosen to use a session I delivered to 1st Year Business study students on the resource and supply chain management using Minecraft.

Session Length: 2 hours

No. of students: 10

Resources required:

  • 11 x MinecraftEdu licences running on Macs in the workshop
  • 10 x Student information sheet
  • 1 x teacher information sheet
  • Access to

Aims of the module: The aim of this unit is to examine the main principles, concepts and practices of supply chain management in
relation to stock.

Unit Learning outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:

  1. Understand the meaning of supply chain management
  2. Know the process of supply chain integration
  3. Know the advantages of an integrated supply chain to an organisation
  4. Know the disadvantages of an integrated supply chain to an organisation

Prerequisite learning: Students have already done a basic introduction to Minecraft and know the principles of moving, mining, crafting basic items and building simple structures.

Session outcomes:

On completion of this session learners will:

  1. Have developed their own supply chain teams based on models of efficiency, location and effort.
  2. Understand how and when to adapt teams for maximum efficiency
  3. Developed simple organisational tools for managing gathered resources
  4. Begun to explore issues of scalability of supply chain


Requirements for the basic supply chain

Working in teams, you have to build a small holding that is self sustaining for ten people. You will not have enough time in the next two hours to create all of the requirements individually, however, by delegating your resource planning to teams and setting up a project manager, you will be able to finish the task.

You have to create a small-holding comprising of the following items:

  • Wheat farm (producing enough wheat for cow breeding and bread making)
  • Cow farm( 5 x cows)
  • Secure shelter (Big enough space to hold storage, furnaces, crafting and other items. Must be secure to prevent attack from mobs)
  • Storage facility (Need to develop organisational structure)

You have access to the web to complete your task and get crafting recipes.


Task 1: 5 mins

Decide who is the project manager and split yourselves into teams. Below is a suggested split for your teams to get you started, but you are free to develop your own teams based on need. You are also advised that your teams may need to adapt and change according to need.

Project manager: x 1

Mining team x 3

Wood cutting team x 1

Hunting team (for 2 x cows) x 1

Building team: x 3

Farm Builder/manger: x 1


Task 2: 25 mins



Task 3: 10 mins

Reflect on experience so far. Are the teams working? Do you have enough/too many people in each team? Has one team finished already?

Discuss where you  are in relation to the goals and adjust accordingly.


Task 4: 10 mins

Write journal entry on the experience so far and what your successes have been and where your pinch-points are.


Task 4: 50 mins

Build/mine/gather/farm with revised teams (continue to revise as required)


Task 5: 10 mins

Reflect on experience again and discuss failures or successes.


Task 6: 5 mins

Recap and review.


Next session: 

Look at improving current supply chain. Discussion on scalability in terms of size, numbers and location. Setting up outposts and looking at different models of the supply chain and how it could be replicated in Minecraft.


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