The pages under this heading are from the MOOC Minecraft for Educators and are a resource for all those interested in how Minecraft can be used in education at all levels.

It is information that was first released on a MOOC on the Canvas Network.

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Welcome to the course! We are here to get you using Minecraft in your classroom, home or wherever you might be teaching from.Our course is for anyone who is interested in using Minecraft on your platform of choice to help others to learn. You could be a Teacher in Primary school looking to get kids interested in History, or a High School Teacher looking to run lunch clubs in coding and crafting, or maybe you are a parent who is home-schooling their child and would like to use the power of their favourite game to get them interested in writing fiction.Whatever your background we are here to help you get started with using Minecraft in an educational context.We are very pleased to have on board Adam Clarke, aka @thecommonpeople. He has been using Minecraft for several years and is currently running workshops, producing YouTube videos, crafting, 3D printing from Minecraft and many other exciting and interesting projects.There is also Alan Lewis, aka @tewkesape who won Minecon in 2013 and has many other building accolades to his name. He has contributed to an interview on the educational benefits of Minecraft for us with Adam.We also have support from, Joel Levin, from TeacherGaming, the company that makes MinecraftEDU. He has kindly agreed to allow us to use the MinecraftEDU name and product in this MOOC and is hopefully going to produce some content for our module on using MinecrafEDU in the classroom. You can catch his live stream here.Or simply start with the Getting Started module…

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