By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what Minecraft is about, the differences between the different platforms and how to run a server that meets the needs of your learners. You have also begun to explore how videogames in general and Minecraft more explicitly can be used educationally through the study of games based learning (GBL).

Week four is all about the scholarship of Minecraft, or in simple terms, studying and applying what you now know about Minecraft to your own areas of interest.

We have a series of cases studies being released each day on how other people have explicitly used Minecraft in an educational context in specific subjects. This week you should review these case studies and look at the pedagogic approach used, the learning outcomes they were trying to address and techniques they employed to make the project a success. From these case studies, you should be able to develop your own ideas, resources and strategies for employing Minecraft in the Classroom or in Home Education.

Your assessment of these learning outcomes will come together in week 5 when you put together your own case study based on your own institution or your own home-school projects requirements.

So, enjoy reading this week and start to formulate your own ideas about how you will introduce Minecraft into your own areas of study.


Learning Outcomes

In this learning outcome the learner will critically analyse the possible learning opportunities for using Minecraft in their subject area drawing on existing research and scholarly activity.

Considerable evidence of wide reading and use of other resources; referencing of an exceptional standard (examinations excepted)

5 Points

Evidence of wide reading & use of other sources; referencing of a good standard (examinations excepted)

4 Points

Some evidence of appropriate reading and use of other sources; errors in referencing (examinations excepted)

3 Points

Limited evidence of appropriate reading and use of other sources; Referencing barely acceptable or absent Excessive use of quotations

2 Points

Inadequate evidence of appropriate reading and use of other sources; referencing unacceptable (examinations excepted); excessive use of quotations

0 Points

Total points

5 Points

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