Ban – Prohibit a player from signing onto a server for a specified amount of time when a rules violation has occurred.

BanIP – Prevent any connections from a specific IP address from connecting to the server.

Blacklisted – A list of usernames &/or IP addresses stored on a minecraft server that prevent those on that list from connecting to the server. See Ban and Perm Ban.

Console – Games console. Currently only Xbox 360, Xbox 1, Playstation 3 & 4. These are the consoles that you can play Minecraft on.

Creeper – Creepers are common hostile mobs that explode when close to the player.

Griefing – Destroying another player’s build or stealing another players items in multiplayer. Any action that affects another players creations or belongings without their permission.

Kick – Bounce a player off the server temporarily as a warning. Admin command only. Command in game is /kick [playername]

Mobs – creatures that are generated in minecraft play.  Mobs can include cows, sheep, mooshrooms, chickens, horses, and donkeys.  Hostile mobs include skeletons, zombies, creepers, slimes, ghasts, and silverfish.  Some mobs are more likely to spawn in certain biomes.  Other mobs (mainly hostile) are more likely to spawn under low light conditions.  Mobs can be a source of items such as milk, beef, mutton, chicken, or eggs.  Not all mobs are available in the console or PE versions of Minecraft.

Mods – Modifications that affect the Minecraft client (usually PC/MAC). When installed on a server that server will require all clients connecting to it have that mod installed. Mods can range from simple changes to minor things to complete new creatures, commands, etc. Many mods often will require you to install ‘Forge’ to run (note – Forge is included with MinecraftEDU). Mods will work in single player mode. Some servers prohibit use of some mods while using that server. Xray is a mod that is frequently banned on servers.

Nether – A minecraft underworld. This world map is accessed by building a nether portal (4 x 3 obsidian block portal lighted on fire).

NPCs – Short for “Non Playable Characters” This would include villagers that naturally spawn, as well as Custom NPCs which would be added by an administrator for a specific purpose (i.e. in MinecraftEDU to supply students with information related to their task)

Op – Operator mode aka Server Administrator. If a player has Op privileges they have full privileges to perform any action on the server, including shutting it down. Command in game is /op [playername] or /deop [playername]

PC – Refers to a desktop computer system. Could be Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. Technically, a Raspberry Pi is a PC, but it is very cut-down and therefore the Minecraft version is not the same experience as on a full blown PC system. PC stands for “personal computer” which is why it can be any of the above operating systems.

PE – Pocket Edition (for mobile devices)

Perm or Perm Ban – permanent blocking of a player when repeated or severe rules violation has occurred.

Plugins – Plugins are ‘server side’ modifications made to a Minecraft server. Users with a normal ‘vanilla’ client can still connect to a server with a plugin. Plugins often affect special commands that can be typed in the text window or permission rules. Since they can’t change anything on the client side they can’t affect anything major.
Addendum: Server-side plugins have the power to go very wrong if you don’t know what you are doing with them. A plugin like Essentials or PermissionsEx can effectively ruin gameplay for everyone if you don’t know how to configure them correctly (Joel)
Since plugins only affect the server they will not make any difference when someone is playing in single player mode.

Raspberry Pi-  Credit card sized computer. There is a Minecraft version for Raspberry Pi, which is a simpler version of Minecraft.  People can mod Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi using the programming language, Python.

Seed – A phrase or set of alphanumerics entered during the initiation of a new minecraft world that will be used  in place of the random number to base world generation upon.  In more easily understood terms, you can choose a seed to base world generation upon and anyone using that same seed on the same platform will get the same world.  Many users will share successful seeds in forums online.

Skin – player appearance. The default skin is Steve. Players can choose skins from a menu on the console games. Custom skins are available on some websites for the PC platforms. Some players are ambitious and create their own custom skin.

SmartPhone – Also runs Minecraft PE as an app. iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Sometimes those using SmartPhones become smarter not because of quick knowledge exchange supported by the device but because they have to think much about how to use it. Depending on the designers, SmartPhones are either smart and make users smarter or they are not smart and make users smarter via solving problems created by not-so-smart designers.

Spamming or Spam – Sending repeated or inappropriate messages to chat.

Spawn – The location where the player enters the game.  Also, generating items into the game.

Tablet – Hand-held device that is not a smart-phone. Includes iPad, Android tablets and Kindle fire. Runs Minecraft PE as an app.

Vanilla- the original version.

Whitelisted – A list of usernames &/or IP addresses stored on a minecraft server that permit only those on that list to connect to the server. In-game command is /whitelist add [playername]

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