Your first Bukkit server

Bukkit servers gave the Minecraft community a chance to create a gaming experience that went beyond the basic concept of Minecraft. Through a modified version of the server launcher .JAR file, the CraftBukkit team developed a server that was easy to install yet had the power to be easily modified through the addition of downloadable plugins that ran only on the server.

The advantage of this was that the players machines (the clients) did not need to have any alteration at all, yet their gameplay experience was significantly altered by the server plugins.

In our example video on the previous page, the Bukkit server plugins PermissionsEX and Lockette allow the player to create a chest as per the normal game, but then lock it (lockette) using a wooden sign, thus protecting the contents of the chest from other players.

In a normal Vanilla server game, any other player can come along and open your chests and steal the contents for themselves. Likewise, they can destroy your buildings, flood your world or fill it with lava; some of the many different forms of “griefing” in the game.

The Bukkit server offered server administrators (admins) the chance to protect their worlds from some of these common griefing problems. Plugins like WorldGuard allowed the admin to protect whole towns that had been build by the admin team. They allowed players to have their own plots or run towns and develop a sense of a protected community. Plugins like Towny went even further to introduce mayors and assistant ranks to the towns with economies for trading and embassies for diplomatic missions.

And so the world of the Bukkit server blossomed…. that was until there was an issue with the ownership of the code in late 2014. Around about the time that Microsoft bought out Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, in November 2014, Bukkit was subject to a takedown request from the US government with regards to ownership issues of parts of the Bukkit code. As it transpires, there was an agreement in place that gave ownership of Bukkit to Mojang and whilst they were a free, indi games developer (albeit a very successful one) they were cool about the Bukkit project taking its own path. After all, it gave them a very wide platform to distribute their game on.

However, when the software giant snapped them up, the lawyers stepped in and said that any distribution of the Bukkit code was in contravention of the EULA and therefore they sent takedown requests to the Bukkit team. Well, something like that… There is some confusion as to whether they went willingly or were forced down, but the upshot for us is that Bukkit is no longer being developed as a standalone server…. at least it is very hard to get hold of….

Unless you know where to look.

There is a version of CraftBukkit server still available here on the Minecraft Wiki… Get the file direct hereΒ 1.7.2 CraftBukkit.

You can get a 1.8 version of CraftBukkit from the site here. Direct link to file 1.8 CraftBukkit

I have also sourced a 1.7.9 CraftBukkit server here

Below is a video on how to source, install and run plugins on a Bukkit server

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