The final step before starting with MinecraftEDU in your classroom is to prepare the client for classroom use. The best way to do this is first to open MinecraftEDU on your computer and configure the options you would like to be the defaults for your students. Once you have set up your client, exit the game and open the launcher. Click Open in the menu:


Then select open MinecraftEDU folder:


You can also set additional defaults by changing the minecraftedusettings.ini file in the \minecraft folder. You can then copy the entire MinecraftEDU folder onto a flash drive or other media for students to access. It might not be a bad idea to control students’ access to Minecraft except during appointed times – particularly if you are working with elementary-age students. Here, you have a couple of different options:

  1. Keep copies of the MinecraftEDU folder on individual flash drives. The application will run just fine from a USB flash drive storage device. When students are done with the activity for the day, you can collect the flash drives and store them in a secure location until they are needed again.
  2. Create an account with access to the MinecraftEDU folder in a location only accessible by that account. This is the default location when the installation is run from the initial download of MinecraftEDU. For example, on Windows, you will find it in ..users/CURRENT USER/appdata/roaming/minecraftedu. This is my preferred method of deployment because I have lab management software (Links to an external site.) that allows me to log in to the student computers without providing them with the credentials. Since this folder is not available through other accounts, I don’t have to worry about unauthorized access.

Of course, there is always the option of giving students access at any time. In which case, as long as the minecraftedu folder is in a directory available to all users (on Windows, try C:\minecraftedu), it won’t matter who logs in to the computer.

The next page will give directions for your hosting assignment for week 2.

Page used under CC licence from “Getting started with MinecraftEDU”

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