You hopefully have watched the videos on how to install a Vanilla Minecraft server on a computer and create a multiplayer game? No? Then check out these pages for videos on how to do that.

Windows server

Mac server

You will realise very quickly that these Vanilla servers are unprotected from the problem that is known as “griefing“. Thereare two routes you can take with preventing griefing on your server; education or enforcement.

For the purposes of working with servers this week, we will look at the enforcement approach. Later in the course we will look at the educational approach.

It is possible, through the advanced and innovative use of command blocks, programmable blocks in Minecraft, to run a Vanilla server and have a degree of protection from griefing in your server. However, this is quite lengthy and requires you to become very knowledgeable about how to programme in the command block script.

A simpler solution is to use a custom server like Bukkit which allows you to modify the server with the use of plugins. These plugins can be very simple, doing just one job, or very complex such as PermissionsEx or Essentials which give a huge amount of control to the administrators of the server.

This short video gives you an example of PermissionsEX and Lockett plugins in action. The video shows you that by using these plugins on a Bukkit server, it is possible to lock a chest and protect your hard-earned mined blocks, precious ores and crafted items from other people. Something that isn’t possible on a Vanilla minecraft server.

We will be looking at installing a Bukkit server on Thursday this week, so practise with your Vanilla servers until then and read up on Bukkit servers and the issues surrounding Bukkit in the mean time!


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