I was recently talking to Chris Havergal @CHavergalTHE from the Times Higher about the projects I am working on using Minecraft in Education. I work both as an independent Minecraft Consultant on projects like #HullCraft for the Hull History Centre, BeingHuman and for Heron Mill, and as a TEL Advisor to the University of Hull where I am researching Minecraft in Education and its application in particular to Higher Education.

I also belong to a team of Minecrafters and Educators called the #ImmersiveCommunity who work with game-based learning at all levels of education.

The pedagogy of using game-based learning is well established  (Gee 2007; Squire 2011) and my area of research builds on these foundations looking in detail at how Minecraft has evolved as a learning tool in Primary and Secondary schools and what lessons can be learned from those experiences to create immersive learning opportunities in Higher Education using Minecraft.


Gee, J.P., 2007. Good video games+ good learning: Collected essays on video games, learning, and literacy. Available at: https://tcrecord.org/books/Abstract.asp?ContentId=14621.

Squire, K., 2011. Video Games and Learning: Teaching and Participatory Culture in the Digital Age. Technology, Education–Connections (the TEC Series), Teachers College Press. 1234 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027. Tel: 800-575-6566; Fax: 802-864-7626; e-mail: tcp.orders@aidcvt.com; Web site: http://www.tcpress.com.

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