Meta-clouding: Verb

“To expand on simple tags of data to form a bigger concept”
The expansion of meta-tag data (raindrops) to form bigger ideas and concepts (meta-clouds).

I have coined this process as “meta-clouding”, the use of tagging small changes and then expanding them in a virtual environment to quickly pin the detail down. There are several tools that help you develop this framework. My first choice is to reach for Keynote on my iPad.  Keynote is easily the most beautiful and effective presentation tool. It allows for a quick draft process to hang your thoughts on and can be quickly and easily expanded with meta-cloud data to flesh out an idea.

The only problem with keynote is that it is still linear in presentation; yes, it is possible to skip from slide to slide and jump around your presentation by creating consistant navigation menus, or bu using the numbers to go to specific slides, but it this is convoluted when it comes to flexibility.

SO, for more non-linear, creative meta-clouding, I like to use alternative tools.

Notify on the iPad is a great note-taking tool that allows you to quickly switch between typing notes and drawing free-form for creative note taking and planning. You can take/import pictures, record audio (which syncs with your notes on playback) create diagrammes and place web-clips. If you have used Evernote, it is very like that but so much better. I find Evernote fussy although its ability to sync across my iOS devices and my Mac or PC make it very useful.

Notify is the closest thing to having a pen and paper on the iPad that I have found to date. Pen and paper are still king for taking notes, but sharing them and re-organising them is convoluted involving scanning, emailing and probably re-typing (my handwriting is only legible to me). Notify allows me to have my meta-cloud and rework it in the way I see fit, easily sharing it backing it up to my DropBox, and returning to it at a later date.

So, back to Meta-clouding my thoughts to solidify them in to creative rain….


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