A snowy Christmas Carol

A snowy Christmas Carol

Yesterday I had the pleasure of a guided tour of the pure-imaginations server courtesy of @OKK70 and @Gills92.

The team have build a huge amount in just 3 months and are a specialist team of builders, tech and redstone-designers with an obvious skill in each area.

I got a guided tour of their spawn area which has been split in to multiple home-build, free build and exploration areas. There are also some nice looking teleports there to take you off to different structure, show pieces and worlds. That is wht makes these builds stand out, the attention to detail; even the teleports are pretty!

@OKK70 took me to Dickens World, a town square modelled on the story of “A Christmas Carol” which is the picture you can see above. First impressions of the town square are stunning. Now I normally play Minecraft with a resource pack applied to make everything look a bit smoother… It’s just how I play… But recently, I have been building on the @immersivemind server helping to do various educational builds so needed to be working with default textures to ensure what I see is how it appears in vanilla Minecraft.

So, to my amazement, here I was, in the town square being blown away with how pretty it was, how accurate the historical buildings were and how immediately immersive the experience was.

Watch out for the dusty cobwebs!

Watch out for the dusty cobwebs!

I toured round the bookshop, complete with cobwebs in the corner and library shelves spilling out in a cascade of literature. I also visited the tailors, and saw some lovely use of armour stands and specially crafted items to hang off them.

The attention to detail was very spectacular and thoughtful.

I headed back to spawn and took a little look around there too and again, was amazed at the high quality of building, both in fantasy builds and more realistic builds.

CathedralI was particularly taken with this cathedral-like structure that seemed to dominate but not overpower this particular area and nods to gothic and religious architectural influences that give it its strength and power.

The server is whitelisted at the moment, so if you want to take a look, head over to the website and drop the team a comment or maybe just follow @OKK70 and @Gills92 on twitter to see what they are up to.

These guys are a team to watch in the future!

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