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I have recently had the pleasure of being invited to join an educational group of gamers and consultants known as the #ImmersiveCommunity. This community is headed up by Stephen Reid aka @ImmersiveMind (on Twitter) and of fame.

Stephen is a fantastic educator, gamer and minecrafter who has worked on some great projects in and out of the academic community. He regularly streams his educational Minecraft content via his beam channel and has gained many followers across the globe. So it was a great pleasure to be asked by Stephen if I would like to coordinate a collaborative build on the HullCraft project as the Minecraft Consultant who came up with the original concept.

So, last night, between 5pm and 10pm, 6 Minecraft builders from the ImmersiveCommunity arrived in HullCraft ready to build.

I had set aside a WorldGuard region so that only they could build and was protected from griefing. Initially  and I arrived early to the party so we began laying out the foundations for the build. Our project for the evening was 3-1 St Christopher Holmewood Church, Bradford, a level three build from the site.

We were soon joined by others from the ImmersiveCommunity and the build quickly took shape. Although the stream never really happened due to a failing graphics card on Stephen’s PC, we were able to complete the build with a few tweaks to satisfy our OCD building tendancies. Wonky roofs will never, ever be acceptable.

The team did a fantastic job of decorating the interior and creating the atmosphere of the church building, from pews to the pulpit. And we have even set you guys a challenge; can you find the hidden creeperface in the build?

So, attached below are some renders I have done from this build, but I encourage you to come and join our server and explore the build yourselves.

All screenshots taken with the Modern HD 1.8 resource pack applied ( and the Sonic Ethers Unbelieveable Shaders used to render (

So what are you waiting for, Come and join HullCraft!

Server IP:

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