Creepers, Endermen, Moshrooms and Zombie Pigmen. Is this part of your everyday conversation with your child? Are they wanting to talk about their latest build or how they have just survived a huge PvP arena? Are you lost in a world called Minecraft that your family is now a part of?

If so, help is at hand. iLearningUK (sometimes known as Joel Mills) is a parent, University Lecturer and Technology advisor at the University of Hull and he specialises in Minecraft. Not just Minecraft as a game, but the educational benefits of Minecraft. He teaches with Minecraft and helps people make sense of this strange world.

So, if you don’t know your Stampy from your Squid, your Nether Portal from your End Portal, come and talk to Joel. He will answer your questions and show you Minecraft from a parents perspective.

iLearningUK is going to be appearing at the NetherMined event in Tynemouth near Newcastle on May 2nd. I will be there to talk to parents about what Minecraft is all about and why it might be appearing in their family conversations every day!

I have been playing Minecraft for several years and running my own server, HullCraft to get a wider audience involved in Heritage, Architecture and historical documents from the Hull History Centre.

So come and find me at NetherMined and hopefully I can help you parents with this thing called Minecraft and how it might actually be benefiting your child.

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