Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.17.30HullCraft

HullCraft is a Universe of worlds made up of Minecraft projects initiated by the University of Hull.

Hullcraft began as an idea of mine back in 2014 to engage people with Archive material at the Hull History Centre. Since then HullCraft has become a collective of Minecraft projects at the University of Hull.

In July 2014 I initiated a project with the University Archives service at the Hull History Centre (HHC) in using Minecraft as a way of engaging young people with the work of architect Francis Johnson.

I secured funding from the Ferens Educational trust to purchase a Minecraft server for 3 years and to pay for the development and consultancy on the project.

The project set up a website called a place where members of the public could begin engagement with the project through digital downloads of plans from the archive material. The website had over 120 subscribers and thousands of page visits.

The project had a stand at the CBBC Live and Digital event and got national coverage for the project.

I have had over 1280 individual players on the HullCraft server.

A full list of events and conferences is available.

I ran workshops for young people to engage with the project. I had over 60 people across two workshops and got a chance to talk to parents as well as young players about history and Minecraft.

It is estimated that HullCraft has reached over 10,000 people