Working with the Mill Hoppers using Minecraft


“Lockdown life” has meant changes for all of us in how we work, how we travel and how we interact with each other for the time being. This has impacted on our ability to run both our Minecraft sessions and our Code Club activities that we had planned. However, with all of you off school right now and probably wondering what you could be doing at home, I have put together a few suggestions for you to think about and keep your skills up to date whilst in Lockdown Mode”!!


Minecraft ideas to think about…
1. Create a stately home garden
  • Create a Minecraft build of your home and build the best garden you can think of with as many different features in it to explore. Think of amazing fountains, think of making Mazes, create tree sculptures, build stables for horses in your garden, put a boating lake in your garden… think big! Think about stately homes and their gardens…
2. Build a social distancing machine.
  • Can you make a red stone contraption using command blocks that will teleport away anyone who comes within 2 meters of you? (That’s two Minecraft blocks apart!)
  • Or maybe you can get the red stone to trigger a text message /console message that says “KEEP AWAY PLEASE”
3. Set up a brewing station and make cures for viruses
  • See how many splash potions you can brew (viruses) and then see if you can find the antidotes for them (cures).
  • Practice changing the effects of potions using command blocks. (we did this in our last Minecraft session) See the this Minecraft site for information on how to do this.


Code Club ideas to thing about
1. Create a programme that calculates infection multipliers (the spread of a virus from person to person)
  • Create a programme that calculates the square of a number starting with one… ie completes the following sequence. 1, 2, 4, 16, 256 etc… This represents 1 person infecting 1 other person creating 2 infected people. 2 infected people then go on to infect a person each making 4 infected people… etc…
  • How many steps until you infect 1,000,000 people (1 million) or maybe your programme can calculate how many steps until all 7 billion people on the planet are infected?
2. Combine Minecraft and coding by visiting the Hour of Code website here.
3. Code a simple reminder programme that sends you a message every hour to get up and move around.
  • How will you get your reminder to appear? Will it be a message on the screen? Will it play a sound?
  • Can you get your computer to talk to another device? (might be tricky to do this bit… ) Try searching on the internet for ideas of how to do this.
Keep your creations, screenshots and programmes for when we get back together later in the year!!

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