DIGGDeep is a project run in conjunction with MIND – Hull and East Yorkshire, that is using the popular computer game Minecraft to produce an anti-bullying video for young people.

The project is working with a group of 8 young people (aged 11-18) who are experiencing mental health issues to create a Minecraft video about cyber-bullying and how to stay safe and well online. Cyber-bullying is an increasing problem amongst this age group, and can lead to low mood, low self confidence and low self esteem.

Working with the young people, they will identify the problems of cyber-bullying and how to stay safe online. The project will develop a Minecraft video – designed, built and filmed by the young people, about cyberbullying and emotional wellbeing.

The finished video will be available free of charge via youtube, and we will promote it locally. We will also approach local schools to take it into schools and talk about mental health and safety online.

The aim of the project is twofold: to deliver improvements to the mental and emotional wellbeing and resilience of the small group of young people; to create a resource available to a wider group of young people to raise awareness of cyber bullying in the community and provide preventative techniques to stay safe and well online. By promoting healthy use of the internet, we hope to help prevent future mental health issues in this wider cohort of young people.