Who are we?

Image of me in my favourite hat

Image of me in my favourite hat

iLearningUK  – Joel Mills

Joel has been working in Education since 1997 and has taught many students, run many programmes of study, managed many departments and written many courses across Higher and Further Education. You can read more about his career profile here on his biography page.

Joel has been working with Minecraft in education since 2011 when he first introduced the game in to the Learning Resource Centre at the College he was working in at the time.

He has used Minecraft to teach across a range of curriculum subjects including Project Management, Archaeology, Chemistry and History. He has also set up and run Minecraft clubs in Primary Schools.

Joel has a full, current DBS certificate.



Gemma LathamGemma Latham

Gemma Latham is a participatory artist who embraces both analogue and digital tools to engage audiences. Through her work, Gemma regularly runs workshops and activities, working with schools and youth groups in a variety of settings. In 2014, Gemma discovered the unique power of Minecraft for engaging young people and has since been using it as a creative tool.

Having been involved in projects such as Crafting the Past, recreating historical buildings and archaeological sites in Minecraft, as well as combining the game with coding and 3D printing, Gemma has developed a wide portfolio of Minecraft skills. She is also co-creator of PatternCraft, an electronic Punchcard Reader for Minecraft.

Her website is www.gemmamaylatham.co.uk.

Gemma also has a full DBS certificate.

The project plan

We are going to run workshops spread out over the summer holidays to develop the project and the skills of the group with a resulting video being ready for mid-September.

All copies of MinecraftEDU will be provided by the University of Hull for use on the project. Any server or online game using MinecraftEDU will be on University-owned and managed servers. At no time will the servers be open for public use during the project. All identities on the server will be protected.

Session 1 (2 hours)
Date: TBC

Scriptwriting and planning: The group will discuss the issues around cyber bullying and share their collective knowledge as to how the issues might be addressed. We will then discuss ideas as to how this will be developed using Minecraft for filming. Scripts and storyboards will be written and taken forward into the second session

Session 2 (3 hours)
Date: TBC

In this session, the group will record audio narrative based on their scripts and the storyboard to tell their tale of how to beat the bullies. We will carefully anonymise the audio and protect the identity of each individual story.

Also in this session, the group will be introduced to the server world in Minecraft, to provide them with a closed, safe Minecraft game to play together for the duration of the project.

The game will be hosted by the University using MinecraftEDU and whitelisted so that only the participants of the project can join in the game.

Session 3 (3 hours)
Date: TBC

Recording in Minecraft. The group will meet at the University to record and play Minecraft together on the server world that they have been developing. In this session, screen recordings will be made to fit the storyboard images and the audio files that have already been recorded.

Session 4 (3 hours)
Date: TBC

Final recording session in Minecraft. This session will be similar to session 3 and will take place at the University to allow the group to finish the recordings.

Post production

The project team will then take the screen recordings and audio and process them to make the final composite video over the rest of the summer.